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Tax Preparation

Seghetti Waxler aims to relieve clients of the burden of complicated and cumbersome tax filings. We use a two-prong approach to effective and efficient tax filings.

Effective Tax Planning

Many of the best techniques need to be put in place a year or more in advance to ensure you’re able to keep more of the money you’ve worked hard for and pay less to the government. At Seghetti Waxler, we make it a priority to reach out to our clients before the end of the year. This allows you to plan effectively and put techniques into place before it’s too late. Whether it’s a quick phone call or a more detailed projection, we’re here save you money, relieve anxiety, and shed light on your tax situation before the end of the year.

Flexible & Efficient Tax Filing

Whether or not you’ve decided you need to move forward with tax planning, Seghetti Waxler uses the latest available technology to make it easier to complete your annual tax filing. Whether you prefer electronic communication, in-person interactions or a mix of the two, Seghetti Waxler has the resources to get you the best tax results efficiently and conveniently

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Financial Statements

Accounting Services

Financial Statements

Seghetti Waxler performs compilations and reviews of financial statements conforming to United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or an Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting (OCBOA), such as the Income Tax Basis of Accounting. In addition, Seghetti Waxler works with clients to prepare management accounting reports.

Consulting CFO

Under certain circumstances we will provide consultative CFO services for clients over a short to medium term basis.

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Business Valuations

Valuation Services

Valuation Engagements

Business valuations require assumptions and estimates that can have a significant impact on the overall opinion of value. It is paramount that the business appraiser you’re working with understand the applications and methods involved in striking the business value, and that those assumptions will hold up to scrutiny by the IRS and other parties involved. Seghetti Waxler uses several valuation approaches when providing an opinion of value, including market based, income based, asset based and a combination of these valuation methods. We work with our clients to ensure they understand the estimates and assumptions involved in their business’s valuation, and we work closely with them during the process.

Calculation Engagegments

A Calculation Engagement occurs when the client and member agree to specific valuation approaches, methods, and the extent of selected procedures and results in a Calculated Value.

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Candace Ebert, CFO

Seghetti Waxler is an invaluable part of our financial team. Our organization has a unique set of challenges, and Seghetti Waxler provides the solutions and service that we require.

Charlotte Moreno
Lilians Italian Kitchen

We have been very pleased with the professional, knowledgeable and responsive service from Seghetti Waxler. Tom and the team have been very helpful as our business has gown... Highly recommend.

Annie Asche
Locatelli Moving & Storage

Seghetti Waxler is professional, personable and knowledgeable.